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The Dangers of Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners can cause harm not only to your hair, but to your skin & scalp as well. Below is an general idea of some of the risks interrelated with using a hair straightener, so you will be better ready when selecting the finest product for your hair & needs, and to make certain you are using that particular manufactured goods safe and sound

Scalp flaming

When you use a hair straightener over a segment of hair, the hair basically is burned into the figure of the heated surface: flat. This flaming of your hair shaft naturally generates a little amount of steam. Holding the straightener for a long period in one single spot or if it is too close to the scalp, the generated steam will burn the scalp.

Surface Burns

Moreover a hair straightener sometimes will reach temperatures more than 300 degrees. This extremely heated surface can & will burn your fingers, ears, hands or any other skin which comes in contact, despite of the amount of time’ it touches your skin. There is also a possibility to burn your legs & feet if you by mistake drop the iron or bang it from the shelf while in use.

Hair splintering

If the hair straightener is left for a longer period on one particular section of hair, it burn’s the hair & cause the hair to break. This splintering of hair will leave you with rough, injured hair that nearly takes months to grow back into the same length of your other hair strands’.

Thinning Hair

Frequently running a flat iron over your hair will tug & pull at your scalp, causing additional strands than normal to become removed. The more frequently you straighten your hair, the more repeatedly you will lose excess hair. Finally resulting in thinning of your hair.

Hazardous To Children

There is a rapid raise in the number of children being admitted to hospital because of the burns caused by these straighteners. The children are hurting themselves. The number of children hospitalized for burns has increased by more than 50 percent.

Hair straighteners can reach the maximum temperatures of up to 220C (428F) & can remain scorching hot for up to 8 minutes after they are turned off. As children have very thinner layer of skin than adults, the burns to them can cause permanent scarring. A raising number of children are being treated for burns which are caused because of playing with hair straighteners.

Present day celebrity civilization seen on the pages of magazines & on TV has made hairstyles very electrifying and it is very simple than ever before to modify style at home with hair straighteners. At the same time there are also risks of flaming, for adults or children, there is also the possibility for hair thinning which results in the hair breakage caused by more frequent use of such straighteners.


In order to stop the harm to your hair, there are some heat shielding serums available & also sprays can assist in avoiding the harm, if your hair is already missing some of its volume & is looking a little worse’ for wear then avoid using the hair straightener for a longer period you’re your hair grow back into the same volume of your other hair strands.


How to Grow Your Hair Faster?

Hair grow fastSome people are not lucky to have hair which grows thick and fast and if it doesn’t take months, it can take them some years before their hair grows to a desirable length. Having a hair that grows fast is something everyone dreams of, especially women as it helps them get their favorite hair styles with a hassle. Unfortunately, most are forced to use wigs or hair extensions and even though they have a natural look, they are different from having thick, long natural hair. On the other hand, people who are not lucky to have their hair growing fast opt for hair styles that are much shorter rather thinking on how to make their hair grow fast. Here are a few natural ways you can consider to make your hair longer as you would want and get your dream hair style.

Regular Listerine Full Strength Spray

Primarily, Listerine is used for killing bad breath which causes bad breath. However, there are many claims that this spray also promotes a fast hair growth. Beauty operators usually advice people with slow growing hair to spray full strength regular Listerine on their hair after washing and drying it with a towel. They further continue to advice that it should be massaged on the scalp where it should remain rather than rinsing the spray. If you are worrying of the scent of this spray, it usually dissipates as it dries and should not be a major concern as such. This is something that you should think of giving a try to make your hair grow much faster. However, people with possibilities of having allergy reactions or with sensitive skin should be cautious and should test with a small amount first. Sometimes, irritation or redness can occur which should tell you that Listerine is not right for you.


For a long time now, Gelatin has always been praised to be a product that naturally helps the nails to grow fast, thick, long and strong but also aids in speeding up the growth of hair. As such, it is recommended that you taken gelatin capsules rich in collagen every day. Alternatively, you can still take dry gelatin and mix it with fruit juice. Gelatin naturally helps the hair to grow fast. It is basically odorless, tasteless, easy to use and a cheap option.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the main component of human body and it is required for healthy functioning of the body. For them to stay healthy the tresses require moisture and as such, it is important that you consume the recommended dosage of 8 glasses of water per day. Water not only enhances growth of your hair but also makes the skin clear, healthy and bright and besides this, water flushes out harmful toxins. In the long run, just like the rest of your body, you hair will have an exceptionally strong and healthy feeling that accelerates its growth rate. Drinking water is in fact a much cheaper option that any other method you might think about.

How to Pick the Right Shampoo and Conditioner for Your Hair Type?

Picking the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type can be quite tricky considering that there is no universal product for different hair types. Since people have different hair types, the shampoo or conditioner that works great for your friend can leave your hair at an undesirable state. This can include making your hair oilier, dry or might not be capable of treating dandruff on your scalp. As such, if you are thinking of shopping for shampoos and conditioners for your hair, you should know that you really have a task at hand that you need to handle at your level best for the sake of your hair wellness.

choosing shampoo

Know Your Hair Type

Even before you hit the road to your local beauty shop or start shopping for a shampoo or conditioner online, you should know your hair type so that you can make the right choices. For instance, your hair might be dry or oily, colored and dyed and as such, it might contain dandruff. As such, you can only choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair by knowing its type. If you are unable to ascertain this by yourself, an experienced hair stylist can really help. Once you have identified your hair type, start looking at different types of shampoos and conditioners and compare.

Research Extensively

Comparison of hair products can only be possible if you research extensively and the different ingredients these products contain and decide the right ones for your hair type. There are some shampoos and conditioners that contain certain ingredients that do not affect your hair positively. As such, you must have sufficient information on the exact purpose of a given ingredient on your hair. You should be very cautious about chemicals that a given shampoo or hair conditioner contains. If you are suspicious about some ingredients, internet resources could be of great help to you where you can read about different shampoos and conditioners and their effects on a given hair type. Reviews from past customers who have used the products in the past could be of great help.

Test the Shampoo and Conditioner

It is essential that you test the conditioner and shampoo on your hair before endorsing it as the best solution for your hair. Wash your hair gently and see the feel it gets after showering. You can even extend the use of the product for few more days and see how it affects your hair. If your hair has a good, clean feeling, chances are high that you have found the best shampoo for you.

Consult a Hair Stylist

It is advisable that you consult an experienced hair stylist to help you choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Since they are professionals, you will get the best advice on how to decide on the right shampoo to use. Using the right shampoo for your hair is important as it not only makes you feel confident but also enhances the healthiness of your hair as well.

Natural Methods You Can Use To Make Your Hair Grow Longer

Are you tired of having short hair? Do you want to make it longer because you believe this will work wonders to improve your appearance? Well if you do, there are several natural methods you can do in order to not only make your hair grow longer, but faster as well. Here are a few of them.

Start exercising your hair in order to stimulate hair growth

People who want longer hair are under the impression that they can just sit back and let nature do all of the work. Well this is not the case. Whenever you see someone with long hair, odds are it took them a long time to get it yes, but in order to grow your hair long you must be more proactive. What you want to focus on is the part of the hair that is most essential to its growth, and that would be the scalp and hair follicles.

You can think of the scalp and hair follicles as soil and seeds. Just as if you were planting a garden you have to put in some work in order to get those crops to grow. This is on top of watering them and making sure they get plenty of sunlight. The goal you will have in order to get your hair to grow longer would be stimulating blood circulation in order to not only get longer hair, but to speed up the process.

Give yourself daily scalp messages in order to grow your hair longer

If you want to see your hair grow longer, then get into the habit of giving yourself daily scalp messages. This means taking your fingers, and rubbing them in various motions all over your scalp. You can also decide to use some oils while you are at it if you have rough fingers or you want it to feel more gentle. This is going to stimulate hair growth really well.

Start brushing your hair on a daily basis with a gentle brush

brush your hairDo you brush your hair everyday? Well if you want your hair to grow longer you need to start. You want to make sure your head is flipped forward when doing this. The goal is to go from roots to ends. Be gentle here, you do not want to pull hair out. If you are using the first method I mentioned, then after a while your hair would be strong enough to withstand long periods of brushing.

Reducing hair breakage problems

You might be worried if you start brushing on a more frequent basis to make your hair grow longer, that this will lead to hair breakage problems. Well there are some things you can do in order to greatly reduce the chances of this happening. What you would want to do is make sure you are making use of a hair brush that has a natural boar bristle. This way, hair breakage problems will not be something you have to worry about.

Get your heart pumping in order to get the blood flowing

One of the best tips I can give you to grow your hair longer would be to start doing exercise if you are not already. Focus on those exercises that are going to get the heart pumping, such as aerobic exercise. When your whole body is benefiting from improved blood circulation, this means there will be superior circulation for your hair follicles as well. Your hair will grow longer as a result.