How to Grow Your Hair Faster?

Hair grow fastSome people are not lucky to have hair which grows thick and fast and if it doesn’t take months, it can take them some years before their hair grows to a desirable length. Having a hair that grows fast is something everyone dreams of, especially women as it helps them get their favorite hair styles with a hassle. Unfortunately, most are forced to use wigs or hair extensions and even though they have a natural look, they are different from having thick, long natural hair. On the other hand, people who are not lucky to have their hair growing fast opt for hair styles that are much shorter rather thinking on how to make their hair grow fast. Here are a few natural ways you can consider to make your hair longer as you would want and get your dream hair style.

Regular Listerine Full Strength Spray

Primarily, Listerine is used for killing bad breath which causes bad breath. However, there are many claims that this spray also promotes a fast hair growth. Beauty operators usually advice people with slow growing hair to spray full strength regular Listerine on their hair after washing and drying it with a towel. They further continue to advice that it should be massaged on the scalp where it should remain rather than rinsing the spray. If you are worrying of the scent of this spray, it usually dissipates as it dries and should not be a major concern as such. This is something that you should think of giving a try to make your hair grow much faster. However, people with possibilities of having allergy reactions or with sensitive skin should be cautious and should test with a small amount first. Sometimes, irritation or redness can occur which should tell you that Listerine is not right for you.


For a long time now, Gelatin has always been praised to be a product that naturally helps the nails to grow fast, thick, long and strong but also aids in speeding up the growth of hair. As such, it is recommended that you taken gelatin capsules rich in collagen every day. Alternatively, you can still take dry gelatin and mix it with fruit juice. Gelatin naturally helps the hair to grow fast. It is basically odorless, tasteless, easy to use and a cheap option.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the main component of human body and it is required for healthy functioning of the body. For them to stay healthy the tresses require moisture and as such, it is important that you consume the recommended dosage of 8 glasses of water per day. Water not only enhances growth of your hair but also makes the skin clear, healthy and bright and besides this, water flushes out harmful toxins. In the long run, just like the rest of your body, you hair will have an exceptionally strong and healthy feeling that accelerates its growth rate. Drinking water is in fact a much cheaper option that any other method you might think about.


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